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was on the list for the watch list. so was ted did i kennedy's and i want to go back to one other thing. >> geraldo: and i was on the no fly list. >> i would totally put you on a no fly list. >> the mustache. >> and russia warning us about this guy. i want to make one point here. >> geraldo: go ahead. >> and yet we are going to have the government check out 20 million illegal immigrants in the next three months under marco rubio's bill but they can't get this right. >> geraldo: the gratuitous slam. >> into new york city we will have a mayor who wants to stop, stop and frisk. they averted 15 terrorist attacks in the city. ray kelly is doing a great job and now they want a watch dog watching him. he is stopping them. the left is going so far to the left. stop the stop and frisk. not getting guns, maybe bombs. next you can't go and eavesdrop on the muslim fellow because you are infringing upon his rights. where are the rights of the 8-year-old and the kids who had their legs blown up here. we have to have our people safe and whatever we got to do we got to do and the people in washington a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1